3 Potential Buyer Targets For Your Land

30 May 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you have some land you own, that you don't want to develop and you want to sell, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve for selling your land. Selling land is different than selling a home. You can't cook cookies to make the property smell good before an open hour or stage the property with nice furniture. Selling property is a little different than selling a home.

Contact Your Neighbors First

If you want to sell the land, before you put the land on the open market, contact all the neighbors whose property touches the land. See if any of them would be interested in purchasing the property. You may find that one of your neighbors is eager to expand their property and would love to have that extra space in order to build a garage, build a second residence, or just turn it into a big backyard.

If you reach out to your neighbors, give them time to get back to you. If you send them mail, give them a few weeks to respond. If you go and talk with them in person, and a neighbor expresses interest, give them time to get a game plan in order. Selling the land to a neighbor will save you from dealing with the open market.

Contact Builders

If the neighbors are not interested, see if any builders are interested. A real estate agent may be able to contact local builders, and see if your property is one they would be interested in purchasing and developing. Once again, this can be an easy way to sell your land, especially if you find a real estate agent who has connections to local developers.

List the Property in Multiple Places

If either of the above strategies do not work, list the property in as many places as possible. Put the property up for sale on real estate sites such as Zillow. List your property on craigslist or a neighborhood selling site. Get creative with where you list the land. The thing with land is you are looking for a different type of buyer, so the more places you list it, the more likely you are to find someone to purchase the land.

When you list the property for sale, make sure that you list what someone could do with the property. You need to know what the property is zoned for, as it will greatly impact who will be interested in buying the property.

When you have a piece of real estate property that you need to sell, start by asking the neighbors if they want the property, then move on to developers, and from their to the open market. Make sure you know what the property is zones for and if the property has any hook-ups; most buyers will want to know that information.